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Triptic By Frith Lawson-Johnson

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I'm currently doing my final project and due to receive my Foundation Degree in Contemporary Fine Art Practice from Brighton University,(which I'm doing through Sussex Coast College their latest art campus in the South.)

I am an epileptic who Suffers from secondary generalised seizures as well as Simple and complex partial convulsions to. The inspiration behind my final years work has been the work of epileptic artist Gus Cummins in Bristol and the inspiration of the Arte Povera artists from the late1960's.

The work I am submitting you is a triptic, taken from the initial recording of my brain waves during a weeks stay in Kings College hospital, where I had a Video Telemetry scan for a week.

My parents came to visit me in there and took pictures of the moving recordings of my brain recordings as it was translated in a graph image. This inspired me to explore the activity in my brain in an artistic format, and find beauty within a subject most find frightening and difficult to discuss.

I am very moved by nature and our place within it, as people we forget how close we are to earth and have lost all understanding of the effect earth has on it.

Lunar cycles greatly affect not only those with mental health conditions, but also people who have other neurological problems, and the by understanding these cycles and how it controls the tides on our coast lines, we can hopefully understand ourselves better and learn to cope with our own conditions that bit more.

As a result my work not only looks at brainwaves but it looks at the waves of the sea and it finds ways of bringing objects from the outside in and linking it with man made items, to produce something that is sensitive to both materials.

My piece I'm sending was called 'An Exploration Of Painting' The wood all three pieces are supported from is beech which is a symbol of Education and furthering oneself through life, in an academic and emotional aspect.

The boat piece was to keep in context with the waves, the image is a cropped photo of one of the photos taken from the Video Telemetry screen, I have enhanced the colour of the image for clarity and put it onto banner material so that it looks like it is embroidery from a distance.

The second image is scanned onto perspex and has been scanned from my own interpretation of my brainwaves. I say it's my interpretation because I traced the image roughly, and coloured them in in the same colours as were on the original scan.

The last image is an outline of the same scan that I have personally drawn, using the same principle as the coloured one.

The idea is that the triptic together could by some be perceived as a convulsion starting fading out into nothing.

I thought that this was quite apt and positive for Sanvedana as it shows a confident and positive approach to epilepsy/disability, as it brings the beauty out of the dark and can show others they can be confident to, whatever condition they happen to live with.


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