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Outstanding Persons with Epilepsy Award

Yashoda Wakankar, India, has been selected for this award in 2012. She is living with epilepsy and now working for people with epilepsy since 2004. Yashoda is founder and trustee of Sanvedana Foundation Epilepsy Support Group, and Secretary of Indian Epilepsy Association, Pune Chapter. Yashoda is selected for this award for her distinguished service to a local epilepsy support organization and longstanding support and dedication for people living with epilepsy.
To continue the tradition, this Award will be presented at the 9th Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC) Manila, Philippines, on 22nd March 2012.

International Bureau of Epilepsy (IBE)
This award is started by Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC) in 1996, and recognized by International Bureau of Epilepsy (IBE).

International Bureau of Epilepsy (IBE)

The first combined Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC) representing both the medical and epilepsy support organizations of the regions was held in Korea in 1996. It was at the 4th AOEC in Nagano, Japan in 2002, under the guidance of Dr Park (Korea), Dr Marshall (Taiwan), Dr Kubota (Japan) and Dr Mehndiratta (India) developed the idea of the “outstanding persons with epilepsy award” to encourage people with epilepsy to not be ashamed of their condition and to overcome the heavy culturally defined stigma and discrimination that exists in the region. This Award was presented to very worthy recipients, nominated by their respective Chapters, at the subsequent Congresses in Bangkok 2004, Kuala Lumpur 2006, Xiamen 2008, and Melbourne 2010. In 2005, the region came under the auspices of the IBE, and this award is now recognized as an international award. To continue the tradition, this Award will again be presented at the 9th AOEC Manila, 2012. http://www.epilepsymanila2012.org


Each full member of the IBE from the South East Asia and Western Pacific Regions is entitled to nominate 1 (one) recipient for this Award. It is up to each full member to determine the guidelines for selecting the recipient for their country. Your organization may have a process or activity already in place by which you will choose a person to receive this award as your country’s representative. If not, the following suggested guidelines may help you establish nomination criteria:

Contribution to community service, or

  • Longstanding support for people living with epilepsy, or
  • Individual achievement (personal, professional, educational, sporting, creative), or
  • Longstanding advocate for epilepsy (community, political, media), or
  • Distinguished service to a local epilepsy support organization.

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