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Sanvedana’s New Branch in Ahmednagar

Sanvedana foundation started its new branch at Ahmednagar on 6th September 2009. Dr. Ravindra Somani and his wife Mrs. Nanda Somani announced the inauguration of three self help groups for Epilepsy, Paralysis, and Migraine.

In Maharashtra, specifically in Pune and Mumbai there are many self–help groups working in various fields. But in rural area like Marathwada, they don’t have any idea of such groups. That’s why opening ceremony of self–help groups was a new event for people of Ahmednagar, and they were too excited for the same. At the beginning of the ceremony many of them asked same question, “What is self support group? Why it is needed?” But all doubts were cleared at the end of the event. They accepted that attending these meetings regularly are very important and helpful to cope up with emotional factors of these diseases and disorders.

Inauguration programme of Sanvedana’s new branch in Ahmednagar

At the beginning of the ceremony Dr. Somani explained the motive behind the establishment of these self help groups. He also thanked his colleagues for their support. He said all the three groups will work efficiently.

The speaker of the program Mrs. Yashoda Wakankar first appreciated Dr Somani’s efforts for the self help group. Yashoda spoke on the subject “What is self help group”.

She spoke about the first self–help group in the world – Alcoholic Anonymous. In 1935 two alcoholics came together one evening and they found that they can stay away from addiction without each others help. And thus the concept of “Self help group” was born.

Whenever a person suffers with any disease or disorder he feels very lonely. He feels that he is the only one who is suffering with this problem. He cannot find the way out easily. But if the same person meets with other people who are suffering with the same problem, then what will happen? That will be a great relief for him. He will be able to share his problems. He will get the perfect direction to come out of the disease. It will be helpful to come out of his mental stress.

Yashoda Wakankar ended her speech on how Sanvedana Foundation came into existence.

Mrs. Rashmi Joshi, an enthusiastic social worker in Sanvedana, shared her experiences as a parent. She also spoke about the various activities done by Sanvedana.

Inauguration programme of Sanvedana’s new branch in Ahmednagar
Mr. Mohan Phatak, a parent of epilepsy patient in Sanvedana told about the start of epilepsy marriage bureau. He also shared the activities of marriage bureau and the activities for the brides and grooms to increase their confidence level.

Dr Avinash Chandane, Dr Hemant Sole and Dr Amita Obhan are going to work for epilepsy, paralysis and migraine self help group respectively.

The chief guest Dr Jayant Karandikar spoke at the end of the program. His speech impressed the audience. As a doctor he told the importance of self help group. He said that now a days only medication is not sufficient for any disease or disorder. Mental strength, psychological aspect is equally important for the recovery. The methods like Yoga or Om dhyan are very useful for any disease he added.

The inauguration program of Sanvedana’s Ahmednagar’s branch ended with dinner.