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Forthcoming Events at Sanvedana

» Job placement: So many people with epilepsy face problems in getting jobs. Even if they tell in the interview that they are living with epilepsy and their attacks are well controlled, they can’t get a job. Some of the people with epilepsy don’t tell about their epilepsy in the interview. But when they get an epileptic attack in the office they are asked to leave the job! For this reason Sanvedana has decided to have awareness programs in companies. This will spread awareness about people with epilepsy can function normally in a work environment.

» Encouraging members for the education and short courses: Sanvedana thinks that if people with epilepsy are not able to complete their education due to some reason, they shouldn’t sit at home in self pity! They should take up small courses as per their likings and keep themselves occupied.

» School Awareness: So many children with epilepsy face problems in their school admissions. Some students are asked to leave the school if they have an epileptic episode in the school. That’s why it is very necessary to have awareness programs in the schools. Awareness is necessary not only for the teachers but also for the students.

» Spreading awareness in the rural areas: For last five years Sanvedana is working in Pune. But now we have decided to reach out to the rural areas.