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Achievements by Sanvedana

  • Dr. Nandan Yardi has re–started the Indian Epilepsy Association Pune Chapter with the collaboration of Sanvedana Foundation. The event was arranged on 2nd Sept 2007, in Pune. Sanvedana members took the initiative to start the activities. Dr. Nandan Yardi is the president of IEA Pune chapter. Dr. Hemant Sant, Dr. Satish Nirale, Mrs. Rahika Deshpande are the trustees and Mrs. Yashoda Wakankar is the secretary of IEA Pune Chapter.

  • 25th Jan 2008, Sanvedana became the member of SETU, an association of Self Help Groups in Pune. On 15th Dec 2007, Schizophrenia Awareness Association invited 12 Self Help Groups in Pune. All the group leaders discussed how they run their groups and which problems they face while running the SHG (Self Help Group). The self help groups present for this work–shop were: Vitiligo, epilepsy, mental health, addiction, schizophrenia, breast cancer, wives of the addicts, suicide prevention, Parkinson’s, alcoholic anonymous etc. All the SHG found similarity in their work. They also found that if they come together they can help each other solve their problems. They also found new and innovative ways of overcoming their problems and identify opportunities for expanding the scope of their work. Thus the SETU was born!! And Sanvedana is proud to be a part of SETU.

  • Yashoda Wakankar was invited by E TV Marathi, for the famous Marathi program ‘Sanvad’, conducted by Raju Parulekar. Her interview was also arranged on IBN Lokmat channel on 17th Nov, the national epilepsy day. Sanvedana members have given several interviews about Epilepsy awareness on Akashvani Pune and FM Mumbai.

  • Singapore Epilepsy Congress
    On 7th July 2007, Yashoda Wakankar and Radhika Deshpande from Pune, the trustees of Sanvedana Foundation attended the ‘Suntec City International Convention Centre’, for the symposium for people with epilepsy and their care–givers. read more…

  • Research: Saba Merchant, a college student settled in U.S. read about Sanvedana in aarogya.com, and came to Pune to do research on epilepsy. Her topic was “How the religions affect the recovery of people with epilepsy in India”. She attended the meetings of Sanvedana and took interviews of all the sanvedana members and their parents. Yashoda and Saba visited the rural area of Nasarapur, near Pune and spoke to people with epilepsy.