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An association of self help groups in Pune.
A bridge to share and care.
On 15th Dec 2007, Schizophrenia Awareness Association invited 12 Self Help Groups in Pune.
Self Help Groups WorkshopSelf Help Groups Workshop
All the group leaders discussed how they run their groups and which problems they face while running the SHG (Self Help Group). The self help groups present for this work-shop were: Vitiligo, epilepsy, mental health, addiction, schizophrenia, breast cancer, wives of the addicts, suicide prevention, Parkinsonís, alcoholic anonymous etc.

All the SHG found the similarity in their work. They also found that if they come together they can help each other to solve their problems. They also found new and innovative ways of overcoming their problems and identify opportunities for expanding the scope of their work to reach more people.

Thus the SETU was born!!

Workshop Meeting of Self Help Groups Workshop Meeting of Self Help Groups
Modern science offers various treatments to help people having physical or mental disadvantage or issue. Therefore concerned individuals recover fast and enough to be functional. External assistance is no doubt very important. But one should not forget the most important role of the affected person himself. How the person adjusts, adopts and copes with the problem through his own initiatives? Whether he has developed an insight into his experience and also a coping mechanism to deal with it, are also equally important. An affected but enlightened person with such attitude and tools can only be effective. Some of them are also more likely to be successful in other areas of their life like education, career, married life etc. They would have succeeded in restoring peace, balance and order once again.