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Do's and Don'ts in Epilepsy

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Emergency measures for a seizure case
If you see a person having an epileptic seizure, please do not turn away and do try and help him/her… The following measures are to be employed in case you see a person suffering from a seizure.

Do’s in Epilepsy
To aid someone having a seizure, take these steps:
  • Keep calm.
  • Prevent the patient from injuring himself.
  • Block the fall of the person onto the ground.
  • Loosen their belt, necktie, or other tight clothing, remove the spectacles.
  • Cushion their head.
  • Clear away any sharp or hard objects.
  • When the seizure is over, turn them on their side to prevent choking.
  • After the seizures stops turn the patient to a side and wipe the froth from his mouth.
Don’ts in Epilepsy
  • Do not panic and do not be afraid!!!
  • Do not insert spoon or any such articles into the mouth.
  • Do not restrict convulsive movements as it may cause fracture.
  • Do not try to insert a gag in the mouth it may cause difficulty in breathing and also hurt the helpers fingers.
  • Do not crowd around the patient.
  • Do not give water or any other liquid till he is fully consciousness.
  • Do not try and physically hold the person, this may injure both the person and the helper.
  • Medical aid is usually not required except in case of the person being in water and drowning is a danger then mouth to mouth resuscitation maybe required. The duration of the seizure is usually not more than 2 minutes after which the person enters a state of deep sleep.
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