Indian Epilepsy Association

Indian Epilepsy Association Bombay Chapter
The Indian Epilepsy Association (IEA) was registered in December 1971 as a Public Charity Trust with a mission to raise epilepsy awareness, increase acceptance of persons with epilepsy and provide relief and rehabilitation to patients and their families. It started with 16 chapters, Bombay being one of them, and today we have 22 chapters all over India with a total membership of 1597. The office bearers of the Bombay Chapter are:

President: Dr. B.S. Singhal, Vice Presidents: Dr. Arun D. Bhatt, Carol D’Souza, Kavita Shanbhag, Hon. Secretary: Dr. Pravina U. Shah, Jt. Secretaries: Dr. Sangeeta H. Ravat, Dr. Urvashi R. Shah.

The activities of the Bombay Chapter can be classified as follows:

Patient &
Family Welfare
Education & Awareness Training/Work–
Information Material
  • Support Group
  • Yoga
  • Counselling
  • Special Education
  • Sheltered Work
  • Special Programs
  • Medicine Subsidy
  • Excursions
  • Entertainment
  • At Schools
    1. Epilepsy education
    2. Epilepsy Quiz
    3. Essay competitions
    4. Poster competitions
  • At Public Places
    1. Malls
    2. Promenades
    3. Railway stations
    4. Hotels
  • For Educators/Para Professionals
    1. Epilepsy Educator workshop
    2. Comprehensive Epilepsy Care
  • For Patients
    1. Early Intervention
    2. Life Skill Training
    3. Cultural Programs
  • Conferences
    1. National
    2. International
  • Newsletter
  • Films
  • Epilepsy Facts booklet
  • Pocket Calendar Cards
  • Conquering Epilepsy book
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