Questions to Ask a Doctor about Epilepsy

Doctor/patient Discussion Points
If they’re diagnosed with epilepsy, one of the first thing we want to know is, what was the cause and what are the remedies and the chances of recurrence. When you have questions about epilepsy, write them down on a list as you think of them and ask your doctor. Use your doctor as a clearinghouse for information and support groups.

Good medical care is based on a partnership between the doctor and the patient. Always tell your doctor about any reaction to the medication or, if the treatment isn’t working. Let the doctor know what is important to you and what concerns you have. It’s important for the doctor to know about any “Black–outs”, spells, auras or small seizures that you have experienced. Most patients with epilepsy see a neurologist for their epilepsy. Sometimes, the relationship between patient and doctor doesn’t “Click”, or the patient likes the doctor but their seizures remain uncontrolled. A change of doctor or a second opinion are reasonable options open to you as a patient. Epilepsy can be an agonizing condition to live through, and without a doctor you have complete trust in, the condition can become almost unbearable.
Some of the questions to ask your doctor: